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How We Work?

How Millenning Work
Create your Free Account

Create your free account. Just upload your ID (IC or Passport), Proof of Address Document, and a Selfie Photo of you holding your ID.

How Millenning Work
Book your transaction

Key in your Send and Receive currency that you want to exchange, and who you want to send to.

How Millenning Work
Transfer your money

Send your money by PayNow / ATM Transfer / Bank Transfer / Cash Deposits to Millenning’s bank account, to be exchanged at the best rate

How Millenning Work
Millenning sends for you

Once your money is received, we give you the exchange rate that you booked and send it immediately*

*provided money is received during office hours and within 24 hours of booking.

How Millenning Work
Your money arrives

Your recipient receives the money, fast and secure at the bank-beating exchange rate

Why Choose Millenning?

Why choose Millenning?


Access all our services on 24/7 on computer, smartphone & tablet. Hassle free registration, as we are authorised to do without face-to-face verification.

Why choose Millenning?


Low fees for Individuals and Corporates, all displayed upfront. Guaranteed exchange rates if we receive your funds within the stipulated hours of booking.

Why choose Millenning?


Fast cross border transfers to many countries. Your recipient generally will receive your money within the same day, subject to it not being a public holiday or weekend in the recipient country.

Why choose Millenning?

Safe & Secure

Our website is encrypted using SSL cerificate and your transaction is safe and secure. We take serious care of your money. Your funds do not form part of our assets and are deposited in segregated accounts.

About Millenning


Millenning is dedicated to provide a revolutionary payment solution to the corporate and individual users through a frictionless conduit to effect cross-border payments at high speed and at low cost.


Millenning provides a user-friendly online platform for both Individual and Corporate users soon, we will also provide a mobile application solution and customised enterprise software solution.

Millenning adopts a zero-tolerance approach against money laundering and terrorism financing. It is established with a strong compliance culture and policy to ensure it does not become a vehicle for money-laundering or terrorism-financing activities.

Millenning prides itself on its character-driven values including integrity in relations, full observance of regulatory compliance, accountability to its investors, respect for every individual, open and honest communication, efficiency and effectiveness in utilising an established and trusted technologies and excellence in innovation through continuous improvement.

Values - ACI

About Millenning

Our Company strongly believes in its obligations to account fully for its activities, accept responsibility for them and to deal with all stakeholders transparently and equitably.

About Millenning

In this age of trust economy, where credibility is everything, our Company spares no effort and cost in establishing its credibility at every stage of its business.

About Millenning

Our Company steadfastly upholds honesty and integrity from all its staff across the board and from all its partners and associates.