Type Description
Cash-out Method Direct credit to bank account in Malaysia Ringgit (MYR). Supported beneficiary account type – individual and company.
Transaction Turnaround Time
  • T+0 Malaysia Banking day for transaction processed and received before 12:00pm GMT +8 time.
  • T+1 Malaysia Banking day for transaction processed and received after 12.00pm GMT +8 time
  • Beneficiary name, beneficial bank name and bank code

Subjected to Singapore office timing and funds being received
Area availability All Malaysian banks nationwide
Validation / Verification Account validation with beneficiary name, beneficial bank name, bank code and bank account number
Amount received Beneficiary received net amount as specified by Sender
Transaction Limit Maximum per Transaction MYR 150,000.00
Minimum per Transaction MYR 120.00
Daily Limit MYR 999,999.00
Compliance accumulated limit MYR 100,000.00 per day
Transaction will be on hold for compliance review based on the supporting document should the sender or receiver has exceeded the compliance limit.
Service Charge Transaction fee will not be refunded upon submitted to the banks.
Cancellation Process Cancellation is on best effort basis.
Remarks Israel Nationality is not allowed to transact.
Non Residence account is limited to only MYR 10,000 per transaction per day. Transaction status will be updated after 1.5 Malaysia Banking day after the transaction is sent to bank.