Type Description
Cash-out Method Cash pickup Myanmar Kyat (MMK) at any supported outlets.
Transaction Turnaround Time
  • Monday to Friday: Cash can be collected instantly for transaction between 11:00am to 5:00pm [GMT +8].
  • Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday: Cash can be collected on next working day between 11:00am to 5:00pm [GMT +8]

Subjected to Singapore office timing and funds being received
Area availability Over 550 Cash Pick-up Locations
Account Verification Beneficiary to provide
  • Transaction remit number (14-digit number).
  • Sender’s full name
  • Recipient amount
  • Valid identification document as per beneficiary name provided by the sender; whereby the beneficiary must be age of 17 years old and above
Amount received Beneficiary received net amount as specified by Sender
Transaction Limit Maximum per transaction MMK 2,700,000
Minimum per transaction MMK 40,060 [whichever equivalent to USD30]
Service Charge For cash payout at KBZ Bank outside of Yangon city, backend bankcharges apply when Beneficiary collects the fund.
  • For every remittance transaction payable, there will be a deduction from the amount paid to the beneficiary: Up to MMK 0.50 for every MMK100 in each single amount paid to Beneficiary or a total amount of MMK200, whichever is hig
  • In addition, there will be a further deduction of MMK500 as communication charges. For example, if a Sender to send remittance of MMK 100,000.00 to Myanmar via KBZ for cash pickup outside of Yangon City, the Beneficiary will only receive
Payout Amount MMK 100,000
Backend Bank Charges Deduction MMK 100,000 / 100 * MMK 0.50 = MMK 500
Communication Charges Deduction MMK 500
Total Deduction MMK 500 [Backend] + MMK 500 [Communication] = MMK 1000
Actual Payment To Beneficiary MMK 100,00 - MMK 1000 = MMK 99,000
Cancellation Process Cancellation is on best effort basis.